Are you tired of searching for the answers?


Do you need divine guidance & direction?


Wish to awaken your souls gifts of service?

Let me guide you to connect, evolve & flourish!

Jennifer Starlight is an internationally recognised Trance Medium, Metaphysical Teacher & Author and specialises in Spiritual Development, Soul Path Mentoring & Human Healing.

About Jennifer

Jennifer has been trained directly by Spirit in emotional transformation, soul communication & esoteric education and you will not find a more down to earth and dedicated teacher in the fields of psychic & mediumship development. With over 33 years’ professional spiritual experience on her own path as a psychic, trance medium, teacher & healer, she is more than qualified to assist you to discover and activate your own unique path & purpose.

Jennifer is also a professional member of the International Psychic Association.


Do you question if your life has any real purpose?

We are consistently & often unconsciously, radiating powerful magnetic fields out into the world which are made up of our thoughts, emotions and intentions and through the power of self inquiry you will discover how easy it is to transform your magnetic manifestations from your problems into your potentials and discover that you are already an authentic teacher of your own human experiences, which can then be applied to all areas of your life.

Have you lost faith in your abilities?

You can probably remember times when you didn’t follow your own inner guidance or hunches and instead decided to listen to everyone else’s advice, only to regret it later. Enter what Jennifer terms the ‘spiritual gym’ to safely strengthen your natural intuitive abilities so all your powerful internal systems from the mental to the mystical can work in harmony and create a magnificent inner template for peace, purpose & plenty.

Do you fear your own power?

You are more brilliant and capable than perhaps your past has allowed you to believe, and you will discover that everything you are seeking is already inside of you. You will understand your own unique Soul journey through Jennifer’s incredibly accurate and revealing Sacred Equation© and begin to feel conscious of and connected to the realisation that you have an important place in this world and a powerful role of service to contribute.

My Webinar

The Secrets to Unlocking & Manifesting Your Abundance

This webinar is for anyone who is feeling lost and directionless or unfulfilled and undervalued in their life and wishes to discover their highest path of potentials, passion and purpose.

My Program

Your Wealth Begins Within Program

The Program solves your fears and confusion about your life purpose and direction and offers tried and true processes to awaken and align your own inner wisdom, knowledge and natural powers of manifestation.

Jennifer’s energy is nothing like I’ve ever seen or experienced before and I felt really blessed to have the opportunity to expand and transform under her guidance.

Anna Smith

Gold Coast, Australia


Loving and honouring ourselves can be a real struggle and is a powerful game changer when we learn how to.

It allows us to feel worthy to receive and in doing so we can then give freely and graciously to others which creates a wonderful life filled with love, connection and abundance.

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You Deserve To Receive

Happy Clients

Much love to you Jennifer! You’ve so helped catapult my life into the ‘right groove’ to shine brighter.

Dr Cheryl Meier, California U.S.

In Jennifer, and the universal wisdom she so lovingly shares, I have finally found an ethical teacher with humility, sincerity, and a transparent relatability. I was seen and understood from the inside out and my life changed forever.

Beth Fitzgerald, Brisbane, Australia

I broke my ankle 3 weeks ago and was in agony! After a session with Jennifer just 4 days after the accident the pain literally disappeared, and I have been completely mobile ever since. Deep gratitude.

Sarah Lamond, London, UK

Are you ready to activate your power and become a gift to the world?

Everyone has a purpose in this world and if you are not living yours then you are missing out on a true sense of self worth and the deep fulfillment of being of service to others and your own inner magnificence.

Everything Jennifer teaches she has personally experienced and applied to her own life and through her own remarkable connection to universal intelligence you will discover how to transform your traumas into your triumphs and your life blocks into your blessings.