As human beings we are naturally emotional creatures and this can create big challenges when it comes to releasing emotional pain and I’m sure you will be glad to know there are 3 simple steps to transforming emotional pain permanently.

How many times have you felt an overwhelming emotion arise and the first reaction is to ignore it and push it back down?

Of course, it may feel easier at the time to deny those difficult feelings but in the long run your emotions will always find a way to get your intention, whether it be through a cycle of depression, constant anxiety or physical and mental stress or illness.

Emotions & Addictions

Releasing Emotional Pain

Transforming your emotional pain is a very important part of a positive health regime and if left unchecked your emotions can heavily impact other areas of your life, including your jobs, your relationships, your future goals and even your diets. Because if you are feeling like rubbish on the inside because of a build up of repressed emotions you are likely to be attracted to rubbish foods and even become addicted to sugar or alcohol for example.

Emotions are not the enemy and when you can appreciate and embrace them this can have an enormous impact on your overall well being, and quality of life.

We can also feel embarrassed to openly express what we are feeling and can believe that it’s a form of vulnerability or even weakness to show our emotions. However, I promise you that it is the repression and denial of what we are truly feeling that is going to make us weak and vulnerable in some way in the future.

The 3 Steps to Emotional Transformation

By following these 3 simple steps to transforming emotional pain you can begin to harness the ability to transform your emotional states from potentially debilitating and depressing to inspiring and energising.

Understanding your emotions is the first important step to changing them. Understanding is the ability to analyse what we are feeling with compassion and not fearing or judging the emotion for being there. Do you not wish to be understood in your relationships?

Well, your emotions feel exactly the same way and in fact are there to serve you in amazing ways!

So, when we can also understand that our emotions are messengers in service to our evolution then we can wholeheartedly embrace even the most challenging of them.

Your emotions are an amazing tool to evolve your consciousness and help you to discover your highest path in life. Emotions such as jealousy or envy are showing you that your ego mind is in charge, whereas feelings of love and even grief are experiences that can only come from your heart.

The second powerful step is acceptance of what we are feeling and by doing this we are giving the emotion, whether it be sadness, anger, guilt or grief for example, permission to be fully expressed. And it is also important not to direct our emotions at another, even if we believe they have been the cause of our hurt.

Because the truth is that no one can upset us, we upset ourselves!

And this is  based on several factors such as low self esteem, feeling of inadequacy or subconsciously believing we deserve to be abandoned, abused or betrayed because this is how we felt as children.

The Final Step!

So the final step to releasing emotional pain and permanently healing your inner wounds is to be 100% responsible for all that you are feeling. This means relinquishing the victim archetype which we have all been programmed with and realising we are the creators of our world and all who we attract into it.

This of course can be a bitter pill to swallow but when we can take ownership for not just the good in our lives but the more painful events and experiences, then we are truly on the road to self empowerment because we are ‘responding to our abilities’ as a conscious and connected human being who is not at the mercy of another’s pain body.

Emotions are not the Enemy

Emotions are your friends and greatest guides in life and they need to be treated with love, honour and respect. And I know if we all took heed of this we would be living in a different world of love and peace. Because what we deny inside of ourselves and are not responsible for will appear outside of ourselves as drama or karma or what we think is simply bad luck.

Its time to respond to your abilities as the divine intelligent Soul that you have always been and realise that when you are emotionally clear & balanced this allows you to take control of your life and manifest what you choose!

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In Loving Service

Jennifer Starlight