Hi I’m Jennifer

As a professional psychic and trance medium, Jennifer Starlight is regarded as a leading authority within her field and has dedicated over 3 decades of her life to demonstrating and teaching worldwide, the power of people’s own inner Spirit, leaving her audiences in no doubt about her abilities and authentic connection to the invisible worlds.

She is internationally renowned for her groundbreaking and unique work in soul development & emotional transformation and is passionate about helping people to end their human suffering through understanding the power they already possess within themselves, so they can live a life of true passion and purpose.

Jennifer is the channel and founder of the extraordinary Diamond Light Numerology & Activation Systems©, the author of 4 self development books and a certified training provider with the international organisation the IICT.

Along with her partner Peter Harris she continues to create evolutionary programs & teacher training courses to empower people to heal, evolve and to be truly seen in this world and also hosts spiritual adventures to ancient Egypt and the United Kingdom.


Loving and honouring ourselves can be a real struggle and is a powerful game changer when we learn how to.

It allows us to feel worthy to receive and in doing so we can then give freely and graciously to others which creates a wonderful life filled with love, connection and abundance.

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