Your Wealth Begins Within Program

The Program solves your fears and confusion about your life purpose and direction and offers tried and true processes to awaken and align your own inner wisdom, knowledge and natural powers of manifestation.

There are 8 modules in the Program comprising


The Mechanics of the Mind

We open your mental ‘time capsule’ to teach you about the 3 levels of the human mind and to reveal any sabotaging and debilitating belief systems you may be harboring.

Unpacking your Subconscious Suitcase

We journey deeper into your subconscious and show you how to permanently transform what has probably held you back since childhood.


Sitting in the Power of your Past

You will make peace with your past and come to understand that every person and experience, no matter how difficult, has been for your own transformation and evolution.

Creating the Potentials for Your Future

You shall be gifted with my 3 Evolutionary Intentions© to consolidate all you have learnt and transformed within yourself so you can begin to feel real clarity, calm and self empowerment.

The Treasure Map

You will learn about your unique life path blueprint with my Sacred Equation© giving you incredibly accurate insights about yourself and your specific inner talents so you don’t waste another moment searching for your true calling in life.

Digging for Diamonds

We hone into your highest path of potentials and show you how to apply these gems in a practical and grounded way. It’s in this module you will realize that you do not have to struggle any longer and can start to follow your excitement and highest purpose of service.


Building the Power

We take you into the spiritual gym to build and strengthen your connection to your natural intuitive abilities, so all your powerful internal systems from the mental to the mystical can work in harmony and create a magnificent template for potentials and plenty.

Activating your Inner Alchemist

In this final module you will advance into your Inner Alchemist and be shown how to present yourself with clarity and authority, giving you the confidence to share your unique gifts based on your inner power of universal intelligence and your own authentic life experiences.

Your Wealth Begins Within Program is a powerful evolutionary program that will prepare you for the surprising truth about your inner power and unique purpose which you can integrate into your present business or job and will also give you the opportunity and ability to create a whole new horizon for yourself.