Happy Clients

Much love to you Jennifer! You’ve so helped catapult my life into the ‘right groove’ to shine brighter.

Dr Cheryl Meier, California U.S.

In Jennifer, and the universal wisdom she so lovingly shares, I have finally found an ethical teacher with humility, sincerity, and a transparent relatability. I was seen and understood from the inside out and my life changed forever.

Beth Fitzgerald, Brisbane, Australia

I broke my ankle 3 weeks ago and was in agony! After a session with Jennifer just 4 days after the accident the pain literally disappeared, and I have been completely mobile ever since. Deep gratitude.

Sarah Lamond, London, UK

Extraordinary! Just Extraordinary! I could listen to you all day! Thanks Jennifer!

Becky Scott, QLD, Australia

I’m glad Jennifer & Peter came to Glasgow and made a tremendous difference to so many, myself included. Haste ye back!

Anne Coughlan, Glasgow, Scotland

With immense gratitude, my session was nothing short of life changing. Thank you for your Light.

Caroline Oliveira, New Jersey, U.S.

Thanks so much for the amazing insights and training Jennifer. It’s the best workshop I have ever attended.

Anna Smith, QLD, Australia

The words ‘thank you’ really are quite inadequate for the knowledge and wisdom you imparted today. I thought I was awake…but realised I wasn’t. I am now!

Kerrie Scott, QLD, Australia


Loving and honouring ourselves can be a real struggle and is a powerful game changer when we learn how to.

It allows us to feel worthy to receive and in doing so we can then give freely and graciously to others which creates a wonderful life filled with love, connection and abundance.

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