Our Evolutionary Offerings


Jennifer has over 33 years professional experience as a psychic and communicates directly with your Soul & Spirit Guides offering in depth guidance, direction & also connection with your loved ones in Spirit.

This powerful session transforms your inner road blocks setting you free to create your highest potential as the Divine Soul you truly are.

75min $250 (AUD)

Channeled Guidance

Get answers to life’s BIG questions!

This is a remarkable, unique & healing experience as Jennifer enters a deep trance state, allowing her Spirit Guides from the Union of Love & Light to communicate directly with you.

The depth of accurate information you receive is second to none, leaving you uplifted, educated and more connected to your higher self.

60min $300 (AUD)

Deluxe Healing

Jennifer & her partner Peter Harris, a Theta Healer & Teacher, combine their healing talents which between them, span over 60 years.

Clear your subconscious blocks and get to the core of any issues in your life that are holding you back from living your full Soul potential.

90min $330 (AUD)




Loving and honouring ourselves can be a real struggle and is a powerful game changer when we learn how to.

It allows us to feel worthy to receive and in doing so we can then give freely and graciously to others which creates a wonderful life filled with love, connection and abundance.

Download my FREE 3 Part Series today - LOVE YOUR LIFE- and you will learn-

  • How to Love Your Self
  • How To Love Your Power
  • How To Love Your Path
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